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Domenico P. Alexakis
776 | PDF | Editorial
Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium (SIBC)
B. Wirz*, M. Kittelmann, H.-P. Meyer, R. Wohlgemuth
780 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Culture Collections and the Biotechnology Deal
M. Sievers*, G. Dasen, T. Wermelinger, S. Landert, D. Frasson
782 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Application of Activated Charcoal in the Downstream Processing of Bacterial Olefinic Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates)
B. Wampfler, T. Ramsauer, K. Kehl, M. Zinn, L. Thöny-Meyer*
784 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Development and Characterization of an Enzymatic Method for the Rapid Determination of Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid
M. A. Sciotti*, L. Hasan, A. Scholer, T. M. Jermann, J. M. Weber, D. Gygax
793 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Continuous Micro-Production Using Enzymatic Reaction and Online Monitoring
R. Moser, T. Chappuis, E. Vanoli, S. Crelier, O. Naef*
799 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Tissue Engineering – The Gateway to Regenerative Medicine
E. Bono, S. H. Mathes, N. Franscini, U. Graf-Hausner*
808 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Recombinant Yeast Technology at the Cutting Edge: Robust Tools for both Designed Catalysts and New Biologicals
K. Kovar*, V. Looser, P. Hyka, T. Merseburger, C. Meier
813 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Innovative, Non-stirred Bioreactors in Scales from Milliliters up to 1000 Liters for Suspension Cultures of Cells using Disposable Bags and Containers – A Swiss Contribution
S. Werner, R. Eibl, C. Lettenbauer, M. Röll, D. Eibl, M. De Jesus, X. Zhang, M. Stettler, S. Tissot, C. Bürki, G. Broccard, M. Kühner, R. Tanner, L. Baldi, D. Hacker, F. M. Wurm*
819 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Enhancing the Quality and Efficiency of Analytical Method Development as Part of the QbD Framework
C. Meyer*, T. Soldo, U. Kettenring
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EuCheMS Newsletter
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