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Molecular Informatics as an Enabling in silico Technology Platform for Drug Discovery
E. Jacoby*, A. Schuffenhauer, M. Popov, K. Azzaoui, E. Vangrevelinghe, J. Priestle, P. Ferrara, B. Faller, P. Acklin
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Lead Generation: Sowing the Seeds for Future Success
K.H. Bleicher, M. Nettekoven, J.-U. Peters, R. Wyler*
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Drug Discovery in Oncology
C. García-Echeverría
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5-HT2C Receptor Agonists for the Treatment of Obesity. Biological and Chemical Adventures
D. Adams, A. Bénardeau, M.J. Bickerdike, J.M. Bentley, C. Bissantz, A. Bourson, I.A. Cliffe, P. Hebeisen, G.A. Kennett, A.R. Knight, C.S. Malcolm, J. Mizrahi, J.-M. Plancher*, H. Richter, S. Röver, S. Taylor, S.P. Vickers
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2-Styryl-pyridines and 2-(3,4-Dihydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-pyridines as Potent NR1/2B Subtype Selective NMDA Receptor Antagonists
B. Buettelmann*, A. Alanine, A. Bourson, R. Gill, M.-P. Heitz, V. Mutel, E. Pinard, G. Trube, R. Wyler
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Inhibitors of Plasmepsin II – Potential Antimalarial Agents
C. Boss*, S. Richard-Bildstein, R. Furnari, J.-M. Bourgeois, O. Corminboeuf, C. Grisostomi, L. Coppex, L. Harris, L. Prade, S. Meyer, C. Binkert, W. Fischli, R. Brun, T. Weller
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Broad Spectrum Chemistry as Practised by Novartis Process Research
S.J. Mickel*, R. Fischer, W. Marterer
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CHIMIA-Report, 2004/09
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