Dr. Guido Koch
G. Koch
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Table of Contents
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Exploring Natural Product Fragments for Drug and Probe Discovery
A. Pahl, H. Waldmann*, K. Kumar*
653 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Chemical Space: Big Data Challenge for Molecular Diversity
M. Awale, R. Visini, D. Probst, J. Arús-Pous, J.-L. Reymond*
661 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
The Screening Compound Collection: A Key Asset for Drug Discovery
C. Boss*, J. Hazemann, T. Kimmerlin, M. von Korff, U. Lüthi, O. Peter, T. Sander, R. Siegrist
667 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Following the Lead from Nature with Covalent Inhibitors
R. Lagoutte, N. Winssinger*
703 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Targeted Delivery of Cytotoxic Drugs: Challenges, Opportunities and New Developments
S. Cazzamalli, A. Dal Corso, D. Neri*
712 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Milestones to the Discovery of T-type Calcium Channel Blockers for the Treatment of Generalized Epilepsies
O. Bezençon*, R. Siegrist, B. Heidmann, D. Pozzi, S. Stamm, L. Remenˇ , S. Richard, L. Simons, R. Gaston, D. Downing, C. Grisostomi, C. Roch, M. Kessler, J. Gatfield, R. Moon, T. Pfeifer, J. Mosbacher, I. Reymond, E. A. Ertel, R. de Kanter, B. Capeleto, E
722 | Online Article | Scientific Articles, Open Access
Top 200 Drugs by Worldwide Sales 2016
G. Sedelmeier*, J. Sedelmeier*
730 | PDF | Scientific Note
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2017/10
C. D. Bösch, M. Kownacki, Y. Vyborna, S. M. Langenegger, R. Häner*
731 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Mineral Oil in Food – The Development of an Issue
Koni Grob*
732 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
Polymers with Exceptional Photoluminescence by Homoconjugation
A. Braendle, A. Perevedentsev, N. J. Cheetham, P. N. Stavrinou, J. A. Schachner, N. C. Mösch-Zanetti, M. Niederberger, W. Caseri*
733 | PDF | Column: Polymer and Colloid Highlights
Production of a Recombinant Catechol 2,3-Dioxygenase for the Degradation of Micropollutants
D. Celesia, I. Salzmann, E. Vaz Porto, F. Walter, C. Weber, R. Dufresne, S. Crelier*
734 | PDF | Column: Universities of Applied Sciences (FH-HES)
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