Prof. Nicolas Winssinger
N. Winssinger
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Photochemically Active Dyes for Super-Resolution Microscopy
Z. Thiel, P. Rivera-Fuentes*
764 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Bioorthogonal Decaging Reactions for Targeted Drug Activation
S. Davies, B. J. Stenton, G. J. L. Bernardes*
771 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Recent Developments and Applications of Photoconjugation Chemistry
F. Xiao, X. Zhang, X. Lei*
782 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Transition Metal-mediated Reactions in Biological Media
M. Martínez-Calvo*, J. L. Mascareñas*
791 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Modern Ligation Methods to Access Natural and Modified Proteins
A. L. Baumann, C. P. R. Hackenberger*
802 | Online Article | Scientific Articles
Swiss Science Concentrates, 2018/11
M. O. Loehr, A. Johnson, A. Karimi, N. Luedtke*
815 | PDF | Column: Swiss Science Concentrates
Genome Mining-guided and MALDI Imaging-assisted Discovery of New Antibiotics
S. I. Probst, C. Vogel, J. A. Vorholt, J. Piel*
816 | PDF | Column: Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland
The Partnership of DMCCB and LS2
C. von Schoultz*, C. Heinis, Y. Auberson
817 | PDF | Column: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Highlights
Protecting the Eggs of a Praying Mantis: Natural Biomaterials
C. E. Housecroft
819 | PDF | Column: Chemical Education
SCS Seminar 2018/1: Catalysis Across Scales
C. Mondelli*, A. Fedorov*
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Community News
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