Imaging the Chemistry of Materials Kinetics


  • Andreas Borgschulte Empa
  • Emanuel Billeter Empa
  • Alessia Cesarini Empa
  • Yousuf Hemani Empa
  • Marco Knobloch Empa
  • Kevin Kraft Empa
  • Filippo Longo Empa
  • Claudia Masucci Empa
  • Marin Nikolic Empa
  • Di Qu Empa
  • Davide Bleiner Empa



Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Imaging, Kinetics, Instrumentation


The kinetics of most of chemical energy storage and conversion processes is rate-limited by the mass transport through matter. There is an uncertainty on the corresponding kinetic models, especially if based solely on kinetic theory. Henceforth analytical strategies coupled to setups, in order to capture data for overcoming this limitation are essential. Operando chemical imaging of the kinetics process supports the identification of rate-limiting barriers and definition of actionable kinetic insights. After an overview of the chemical and physical processes in various energy storage/conversion systems, and examples of chemical imaging applied on them, analytical challenges are discussed with particular focus on novel methods and fundamental limitations. Despite convincing success technologies, various scientific challenges of operando chemical kinetics await solution. Apart from technical improvements of the analysis instrumentation, promising developments are seen in advanced digital science.




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A. Borgschulte, E. Billeter, A. Cesarini, Y. Hemani, M. Knobloch, K. Kraft, F. Longo, C. Masucci, M. Nikolic, D. Qu, D. Bleiner, Chimia 2022, 76, 192, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2022.192.