Schweizerisches Energieforschungsprogramm Elektrochemie


  • Otto Haas



The need of advanced power sources especially for electric vehicle and load leveling applications motivated the Swiss government to promote a research program in electrochemistry. This program concentrates on research of electrode and electrolyte materials which are of interest for the development of new energy-storage and conversion devices such as advanced batteries, fuel cells, and electrolysers. The program involves researchers from different disciplines and institutes. Material research, electrochemical engineering, and system modeling are the main topics of the program. The material research is concentrating on electrode materials with high energy content like Li, Al, Mg, Ca, and insertion electrodes. Important research topics are also conducting polymers, redox polymers, and polyelectrolytes or solid electrolytes. In a later stage, the research achievements should be used to develop high power density batteries and fuel cells.