Die Schweizerische Vereinigung diplomierter Chemiker HTL (SVCT)


  • Urs Girard




Founded in Basel in 1946, the Swiss Association of Certificated Chemists HTL (SVCT) grew into a professional association which represents the specific interests of state engineering institute graduate chemists from throughout Switzerland. Thanks to its steady growth and a membership which embraces a substantial number of all chemists HTL in the country, the SVCT today is one of the most important chemists' associations in Switzerland.Apart from its political activities for the profession, the SVCT is also involved in the promotion of the training and development of young chemists – it provides the engineering schools and students with expertise from its ranks to act as consultants and placement officers for job experience; it awards prizes; and it publishes an illustrated brochure, which is periodically updated, on the profession. A further major activity of the SVCT is the much respected series of conferences organized on a regular basis to consider not only the technical aspects of chemistry and related areas but also the human factor.An information bulletin is also issued periodically to keep members informed about major events and activities. In addition, the SVCT conducts surveys among its members which serve as a state-of-the-art review and a touchstone for the future.The SVCT cultivates a close collaboration with the authorities, industry, institutions of professional formation, and other professional associations. Particularly important in this context are the contacts with the Swiss Chemists' Association, the executive committee of which traditionally includes SVCT representatives, and whose current efforts to bring all chemists' associations in Switzerland closer together are supported by the SVCT.