Altlastsanierung: Ergebnisse einer aktiven Grundwassersanierung nach vier Jahren Betriebszeit


  • Raymond Vouillamoz
  • Beat Steinmann
  • Hansjörg von Gunten



An active groundwater purification was designed for a landfill treatment. Active means here, that the polluted groundwater is caught and cleaned in the region of the landfill and the leaching out of hazardous substances remaining in the tip is not prevented. The earlier these residual quantities are washed out, the quicker the potential threat of the tip is reduced. The wells for the groundwater management could be put into operation after a construction time of about a year. Effects of the reversal of the direction of groundwater flow in the area were followed for more than one hydrologic year. The amount and quality of the contaminated and uncontaminated groundwater, as well as the annual amounts of TOC, ammonia, aniline, phenol, and p-toluidine are described. The change in groundwater quality inside and outside the landfill area is elucidated.






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R. Vouillamoz, B. Steinmann, H. von Gunten, Chimia 1995, 49, 495, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1995.495.