Custom Synthesis as a Full-Service Program


  • Franziska Gnehm



In recent years, the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to their outsourcing partners increased and changed quite drastically. While in the seventies of this century, mainly the production and purchasing of well-known products (chemicals or pharmaceutical dosage forms) were required in order to free up internal capacities for new products, today an outsourcing partner is increasingly considered a service provider that offers development and manufacturing capabilities as well as all the services necessary for the successful submission of a pharmaceutical product. Preferably such a contract partner can offer all of these services, which then makes him a full-service provider. In order to meet the needs of clients, certain requirements must be fulfilled by the service provider. These requirements are described in detail in the following article. Furthermore, the advantages of cooperating with a full-service provider vs. in-house development are described and substantiated. Finally, an example of one full-service provider is given, its history is described, and, of course, the services it offers its clients today.