The Development of Enzymes for the Preparation of Chemicals


  • Bernhard Hauer
  • Michael Breuer
  • Klaus Ditrich
  • Markus Matuschek
  • Marion Ress-Löschke
  • Rainer Stürmer



The use of enzymes as catalysts for the preparation of novel organic molecules is becoming more widespread every year. The science of biotransformation has matured, and biocatalysts now stand alongside other forms of catalysts to be considered as viable options for the promotion of a particular reaction. Of great importance for the breakthrough of biocatalysts was the availability of enzymes and the increasing demand for enantiomerically pure compounds. Especially, hydrolytic enzymes, lyases, and oxidoreductases are of technical importance today. The potential of enzymes for the synthesis of chemical compounds is by no means exhausted, and the enormous diversity of microorganisms is an almost unlimited pool for new enzymes. In this paper, different strategies are discussed to find and develop new enzymes for the application in organic synthesis.




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B. Hauer, M. Breuer, K. Ditrich, M. Matuschek, M. Ress-Löschke, R. Stürmer, Chimia 1999, 53, 613, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1999.613.



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