Process Simulation in Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Technology

Focal Point: Industrial Chemistry : ILMAC Congress: October 14, 1999


  • Hans-Rudolf Dettwiler


Biotechnology, Chemical technology, Ilmac, Industrial chemistry, Process simulation


The chemical and biotechnological process industry is confronted with a time and capital consuming industrial reality in a more competitive environment. The need for leaner development and design of processes is increasing. Today and in the future, computer simulation is and will become an even more important tool for the development of new chemical or biotechnological processes and for the design of new plants. The objective of this one-day meeting was to review significant applications and technologies in this field. With the presentation of selected cases, we aimed to give a deeper insight in the working methods which should be used to get faster results and reduce development time and costs. The session should encourage a better understanding of the application of special software in industrial practice. Abstracts by the authors are given.




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