High-Throughput Analysis, Purification, and Quantification of Combinatorial Libraries of Single Compounds

Focal Point: Medicinal Chemistry : ILMAC Congress: October 14, 1999


  • Rudolf Giger


Combinatorial chemistry, High-throughput analysis, Ilmac, Medicinal chemistry


The possibility of rapid analysis and purification of combinatorial libraries of individual compounds in multi-milligram quantity has opened new perspectives for the effective application of combinatorial technology in medicinal chemistry for lead optimization, new lead finding and compound archiving.
High-throughput analysis and purification offers medicinal chemists the possibility to evaluate precisely the success of their combinatorial synthesis, i.e. in terms of purity and yields! This might also contribute to the prevention of the painful experience of false positive hits and less evident issues with false negative hits. Finally the necessity to draw structure-activity relationships is, for many biological assays, only realistic with compounds of quality and adjusted concentration!
The objective of the mini-symposium was to illustrate the state-of-the-art of high-throughput analysis and purification methods, and to outline ongoing and near future developments of this technology, which has made impressive progress over the past few years. Three pioneers in this technology had the opportunity to present and discuss their views, strategies, and set-ups for carrying out high-throughput analysis and purification of large arrays of compounds.






ILMAC 99: Retrospective/ILMAC Congress