The Future of Chemical Engineering: Did You Say The Triplet 'Processus-Product-Process' Engineering?


  • Jean-Claude Charpentier



Future of chemical engineering, Molecular modeling, Product design, Process intensification, Triplet 'processus-product-process' engineering


One key to survival in globalization of trade and competition, including needs and challenges, is the ability of chemical engineering to cope with the society and economic problems encountered in the chemical and related process industries. It appears that the necessary progress will be achieved via a multidisciplinary and time and length multiscale integrated approach to satisfy both the market requirements for specific end-use properties and the environmental and society constraints of the industrial processes and the associated services. This concerns four main objectives for engineers and researchers: (a) total multiscale control of the process (or procedure) to increase selectivity and productivity, (b) design of novel equipment based on scientific principles and new methods of production: process intensification, (c) manufacturing end-use properties for product design: the triplet 'processus-product-process' engineering, (d) implementation of multiscale application of computational modeling and simulation to real-life situations: from the molecular scale to the overall complex production scale.




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