The First Careers Fair Specifically for Chemists in Switzerland


  • Thomas Belser
  • Stefan Kaiser
  • Frederik Menges
  • Steve Nanchen
  • Eva Neumann
  • Sebastian P. Smidt
  • Remo F. Stohler



Careers fair, Company presentations, Contact, Job fair, Swiss young chemists' committee


Here we report on the first careers fair for chemists in Switzerland, This event was organized by the Swiss Young Chemists' Committee Basel under the auspices of the SCS. Twelve companies accepted our invitation to take part and present their activities in both poster booths and oral presentations. This was complemented by a workshop that aided applicants in forming a suitable job-finding strategy. An informal exchange of information was possible and made a success not only for the participating companies but also for the numerous visitors. Synopses of the oral company presentations are included in this report.




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T. Belser, S. Kaiser, F. Menges, S. Nanchen, E. Neumann, S. P. Smidt, R. F. Stohler, Chimia 2003, 57, 68, DOI: 10.2533/000942903777679820.