An Effective Tool for Column Evaluation in the Analysis of Basic Compounds


  • Cinzia Stella
  • Patrick Seuret
  • Serge Rudaz
  • Pierre-Alain Carrupt
  • Jean-Yves Gauvrit
  • Pierre Lanteri
  • Jean-Luc Veuthey



Basic compounds, Chromatographic test, High-performance liquid chromatography, Principal component analysis


A chromatographic test is described for the evaluation of base-deactivated stationary phases. Seven test basic compounds, selected on their physico-chemical properties, were injected with two different mobile phases (one at pH 7.0 and the other at pH 3.0), on 45 chromatographic supports. Thanks to the measured chromatographic parameters (k and As), it was possible to evaluate both silanol activity and hydrophobic character of the base-deactivated columns. In addition, the validity of this chromatographic test was assessed by measuring the fundamental properties of the same supports with a general test protocol, issued from the literature.




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C. Stella, P. Seuret, S. Rudaz, P.-A. Carrupt, J.-Y. Gauvrit, P. Lanteri, J.-L. Veuthey, Chimia 2003, 57, 210, DOI: 10.2533/000942903777679442.