The Superior Therapeutic Properties of SOM230 Originate from Unique Structural Elements


  • Ian Lewis
  • Gisbert Weckbecker
  • Herbert A. Schmid
  • Steven W.J. Lamberts
  • Viktor Boerlin
  • Joost van der Hoek
  • Günter Bovermann
  • Lukas Oberer
  • Janos Pless
  • Nagarajan Chandramouli
  • Wilfried Bauer
  • Rainer Albert
  • Christian Bruns



Cyclohexapeptide template, Solid phase synthesis, Srif analogue, Superior therapeutic properties


A rational drug design approach involving transposition of functional groups from SRIF into a reduced size cyclohexapeptide template has led to the discovery of SOM230, a novel, stable cyclohexapeptide somatostatin mimic which exhibits unique high affinity binding to human somatostatin receptors (sst1-5). SOM230 has potent, long lasting inhibitory effects on growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1 release and is a promising development candidate currently under evaluation in phase II clinical trials.




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I. Lewis, G. Weckbecker, H. A. Schmid, S. W. Lamberts, V. Boerlin, J. van der Hoek, G. Bovermann, L. Oberer, J. Pless, N. Chandramouli, W. Bauer, R. Albert, C. Bruns, Chimia 2004, 58, 222, DOI: 10.2533/000942904777677902.