Concepts and Prototypes for Formulation and Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals and in Tissue Engineering


  • Lorenz Meinel
  • Bruno Gander
  • Hans P. Merkle



Biodegradable microspheres, Cell penetrating peptides, Human mesenchymal stem cells, Microencapsulation technologies, Tissue engineering, Vaccine delivery systems


Novel technologies in the discovery of new therapeutic or immunogenic moieties in the fields of low molecular weight and biomacromolecular pharmaceuticals have led to an increasing demand for delivery systems capable of protecting, transporting, and selectively depositing those therapeutic agents at their sites of action, with the aim to control their pharmacological profiles, reduce frequencies of administration, limit side effects and toxicity, and, last but not least, foster patient compliance. This applies particularly to biomacromolecules, i.e. peptide, protein, and nucleic acid biopharmaceuticals. Our group's prime interest in this area is to improve efficacy and safety of drug treatment and vaccination, and contribute to patient-friendly administration modes. In particular, we focus on peptide and protein therapeutics, vaccines and gene medicines. In this summary, we will specifically address three areas: (i) our long-term involvement in the biomedical engineering of particulates as vaccine delivery systems, (ii) skeletal tissue engineering applying human mesenchymal stem cells, and (iii) our engagement in research on cell penetrating peptides (CPP) as carriers for drug delivery.




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L. Meinel, B. Gander, H. P. Merkle, Chimia 2004, 58, 711, DOI: 10.2533/000942904777677434.