Conclusions of the BioValley MedTech Day, Thursday 21 October 2004


  • Jean-François Roth



Canton of jura, Economic development, Life sciences, Medical technology, Microtechnology, Technology transfer


Jean-François Roth, president of the government of the Republic and Canton of Jura, in his conclusions at the MedTech Day in Basel of the BioValley Life Sciences Week, emphasized the importance his canton attributes to being tied to the Life Sciences environment of Basel and the BioValley. The canton of Jura, lying in the southern-most part of the BioValley, has a strong tradition in watchmaking which later branched out into microtechnology, an industry which requires precision and meticulousness. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between microtechnology and life sciences and more specifically, medical technology. Since medical technology is a fast growing business area, the Canton of Jura took the strategic decision to place the support of this industry at the centre of its economic development plans.