"Times are changing ... and so must we" Integral Logistics and Services for the World-Scale Producer in Switzerland


  • Erich Habegger
  • Georg Kirschbaum
  • Ivan Vollenweider




Chemical distribution market, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing


The chemical distribution business has traditionally consisted of a more or less one-way flow of information and products channeled through the distributor's organization. Changes in the industry require more integral service-oriented models to meet current needs. Distributors become both the supplier's and the customer's partner in the supply chain management, with an awareness of their partners' key objectives and strategies. The European chemical distribution market is highly fragmented. In order to be able to provide the required broad range of services and to run the business on a sustainable economic basis, the distribution operations must exceed a critical minimal size. Therefore a consolidation tends to shift towards larger distributors with broader services and product ranges. The competitive supplier in the chemical distribution business must provide a complete service. The following activities are viewed as essential elements of this integral service: Storage and materials handling, transportation, dispensing and refilling operations (if necessary in clean rooms under cGMP conditions), mixing and blending operations, tailor-made labeling, recovery and disposal service, quality control support, and last but not least experts advising the customer on chemical, technical, application, safety, logistical and commercial issues. Chemical distributors represent and serve important sectors of the chemical industry's value chain.




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