L'Ecole de Pharmacie Genève-Lausanne: un rôle de précurseur, un espoir à concrétiser L'Ecole de Pharmacie Genève-Lausanne: un rôle de précurseur, un espoir à concrétiser


  • Dominique Arlettaz




Drug research, Geneva-lausanne school of pharmacy, Pharmaceutical sciences, Teaching


On July 8th, 2003, the Rectors of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne signed the Convention regulating the transfer to the University of Geneva of the Section of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lausanne. At this date, the Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmacy (EPGL) was created to benefit from complementarities between researchers in pharmaceutical sciences of the lemanic area. The EPGL must be regarded as a precursory example of a strong collaboration between two universities. Its first mission is to guarantee to future students a varied study program compatible with the model of Bologna and teaching by a sufficient number of high ranking professors and researchers. Its second role is to gain more knowledge in the principal areas of pharmaceutical sciences by developing research projects of great value and by exploring new routes likely to generate new information. The University of Lausanne does not limit its action to the large political and financial efforts invested into this adventure but will follow closely the success of the EPGL and the interactions which it will be able to initiate with researchers in life sciences of the whole area. Science evolves at an amazing rate and the EPGL must contribute to this evolution by its dynamism in order to be well equipped to face the international competition of the best researchers working in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.




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