How to Provide Feedback to Students' Learning – Assignment and Feedback Concept in the Blended Learning Environment pharma2


  • Christina Weber
  • Alexander Vögtli
  • Adrian Ensner
  • Anna-Barbara Utelli



Assignment, Blended learning, Feedback, E-learning, Pharma2


In traditional university teaching and learning settings feedback to students' performance is often neglected even though it is known to be an important factor to improve learning outcomes. Therefore we placed strong emphasis on this topic while developing and implementing the blended learning concept pharma2 into the curriculum of pharmaceutical sciences. pharma2 combines traditional face-to-face teaching with computer-based learning and testing tools. Once implemented, computer-based testing tools allow frequent feedback to large groups of students. However, commercially available systems show limited possibilities for demanding question and assessment types. Thus we developed PharmAskYou and ViLab. PharmAskYou makes e-testing on higher cognitive levels possible and allows immediate and response contingent feedback. ViLab offers the opportunity to practice demanding lab methods online in the form of video sequences and interactive tools. While working through the method step by step the students receive response contingent feedback. Beside the possibilities of these computer-based testing and online feedback forms other assignments, e.g. reports and posters, followed by an individual feedback by the instructor are implemented into the blended learning concept. We consider the continuity of different assignments and constructive feedback important for students' motivation and hence learning progress. Even though developing and operating a didactically adequate feedback system is time-consuming it is worthwhile when students' performance can be improved as shown in our setting.




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C. Weber, A. Vögtli, A. Ensner, A.-B. Utelli, Chimia 2006, 60, 66, DOI: 10.2533/000942906777675245.