Ion-Imprinted Polymer Concept for Selective Extraction of 90Y and 152Eu for Medical Applications and Nuclear Power Plant Monitoring


  • Pascal Froidevaux
  • Steffen Happel
  • Anne-Sophie Chauvin



Europium, Extraction, Ion imprinting, Lanthanides, Yttrium-90


The metal ion imprinted concept has been used to imprint dipicolinic derivative coordination cages in styrene-based polymeric material. This resin displays very high selectivity for yttrium and lanthanides. Distribution coefficients determined for 88Y and 85Sr emphasize the possibility for the material to be used as chromatographic support for direct production of medical grade 90Y from a 90Sr source. Europium has been successfully extracted by the resin from a large volume of tap water. Thus the material could be used for radiation monitoring of nuclear power plants, particularly regarding the determination of radiolanthanides in the cooling system.




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P. Froidevaux, S. Happel, A.-S. Chauvin, Chimia 2006, 60, 203, DOI: 10.2533/000942906777674895.