Do I Have to Register My Substances for REACH? The Impact of REACH on Swiss Chemical Manufacturers


  • Craig A. Barker



Reach, Swiss chemical industry


The developing European legislation on REACH is one of the major changes to chemical control legislation seen anywhere in the world for over two decades. Not since the introduction of substance inventories and developments for the notification of new substances have there been such significant changes. The proposed changes will have consequences on the global industry and not least on the Swiss industry due to its clear association and proximity to the European Community. Ciba Specialty Chemicals has been associated with the development of the REACH requirements over many years as we have an invested interest in ensuring that we can meet the requirements of REACH in the most cost effective manner. Swiss companies associated with products being supplied to the EC will need to understand the requirements of REACH, especially with regard to the registration of the chemical substances they contain. Failure to do so may lead to significant financial consequences not least the ability to market their product.