L-Carnipure® in Human Nutrition


  • Ulla S. Held




L-carnipurereg, L-carnitine, Fatty acid oxidation, Fermentation, Health ingredients


L-Carnitine (?-hydroxy-?-trimethylaminobutyric acid) plays a crucial role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and is required for the proper functioning of heart and muscle. In 1905, L-carnitine was isolated for the first time from muscle tissue and its structure was established in 1927. L-Carnitine was shown to be an essential nutrient for a meal worm (Tenebrio molitor) and was therefore called vitamin BT.In the search for the perfect physique, consumers are discovering the health benefits of L-carnitine. Studies show that L-carnitine supplements not only help with weight management programs, but also optimize performance during exercise, delay the onset of fatigue and improve the recovery process. Extensive clinical data indicate that supplemental L-carnitine can positively support cardiovascular health, while other studies show beneficial effects for pregnant women, elderly people or people who follow a vegetarian or meat-reduced diet and thus miss out on natural L-carnitine in the diet. L-Carnipure® is a special grade of L-carnitine, manufactured by the swiss life sciences company lonza. Thanks to a unique natural fermentation process with an integrated biotransformation step, lonza is the only L-carnitine manufacturer capable of supplying pure L-carnitine without any unnatural D-isomer, hence the brand name and sign of quality assurance, L-carnipure®.