Syngenta Professional Products Focuses Chemical Technology on New Applications to Enhance the Quality of Life


  • Kris Sirchio
  • Austen Sutton



Garden, Home care, Pest control, Public health, Seed care, Turf management, Vector control


Professional Products is an innovative and leading business sector of Syngenta comprising focus areas – Seed Care, Home Care and Lawn and Garden. It develops and markets specialty and branded professional products in the seed treatment, home care including public health, turf management, floriculture and amenity sectors. Many countries have a reliable access to food – the production of which is our core competence – and now their populations demand an enhanced experience of their homes, local environment, leisure pursuits and aesthetic aspirations. Syngenta Professional Products provides products and services to businesses that address these markets. Technology originally developed to support agricultural production is refined, improved and integrated into new packages with beneficial applications in urban environments. New, branded products growing out of Syngenta's core competence in chemical innovation help our professional customers serve these new markets to fulfill people's lifestyle aspirations.




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