Lipidomics and Free Radical Modifications of Lipids


  • Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu
  • Carla Ferreri
  • Albin Hermetter
  • Emmanuel Lacote
  • Branka Mihaljević
  • Athanassios Nicolaides
  • Athanassia Siafaka-Kapadai



Lipid isomerization, Lipid peroxidation, Lipidomics, Peroxy lipids, Trans fatty acids


The free-radical-induced modification of biologically relevant molecules is an active field of interdisciplinary research, spanning from chemistry to biochemistry, biology and medicine. Lipid modifications are also attracting attention for their relationship with structural and functional roles in physiological and pathological conditions of living organisms. The discipline of lipidomics studies the lipid behavior in an innovative and multidisciplinary context. Combining lipidomics with free radical chemistry, the research field becomes an ideal setting for the chemical biology approach, to study the basis of molecular mechanisms and chemical reactivity and connect them with free-radical-based processes occurring in the biological environment. This paper will give an overview of the approaches for studying free radical processes on lipids and some biological consequences, which represent also subjects of interdisciplinary collaborations among European research groups and contribute to the general topic of the COST Action 'Free Radicals in Chemical Biology'.




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C. Chatgilialoglu, C. Ferreri, A. Hermetter, E. Lacote, B. Mihaljević, A. Nicolaides, A. Siafaka-Kapadai, Chimia 2008, 62, 713, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2008.713.