LeanergyTM: How Lean Manufacturing Can Improve Energy Efficiency


  • Jean-Pierre Riche Okavango-energy 18, Rue Gounod 92210 Saint Cloud, France. jpriche@okavango-energy.com




Benchmarking, Competitiveness, Energy efficiency, Energy management system, Energy performance indicators, Iso 50001, Kaizen leanergytm, Leanergy index, Lean manufacturing, Pinch method


Energy efficiency has become a competitive issue for industrial companies. The evolution of energy prices and regulation will make this issue even more important in the future. For several years, the energy-intensive chemical industry has been implementing corrective actions. Helped by the absorption of base load energy consumption by larger production volumes, specific energy consumption (KWh per production unit) has been significantly reduced in recent years. However, most plants have reached the end of their first action plan based on improving the utilities performance. The LeanergyTM method developed by the consultancy company Okavango-energy, is a structured approach based on lean manufacturing which widens the scope of saving sources to process and operations. Starting from the analysis of actual production requirements, Okavango is able to adjust consumption to minimum requirements and so remove any energy consumption that does not contribute to the added value creation.