Life Sciences Start-ups in Switzerland: CTI and its Support for Young Entrepreneurs


  • Klara Sekanina Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER Einsteinstrasse 2 CH-3005 Bern, Switzerland.



Coaching, Cti, Innovation promotion agency, Start-ups


According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013, perceived opportunities to start a business in Switzerland are high and rank above average compared to other innovation-based countries. 2013 was a record year for start-ups in Switzerland. Around 40,000 new businesses were recorded in the commercial register and the trend is set to continue. There are two main criteria that lead to success, particularly for science- or technology- based start-ups: first of all, it is the business or product idea itself, and secondly it is the entrepreneurial team. CTI is supporting innovation in a manner that responds to a need in the market identified by industry.