FT-NIR: A Tool for Process Monitoring and More


  • Domenico Martoccia Bruker Optics GmbH CH-8117 Fällanden, Switzerland . domenico.martoccia@bruker.com
  • Holger Lutz Bruker Optics GmbH 76275 Ettlingen, Germany
  • Yvan Cohen Firmenich SA CH-1283 La Plaine, Switzerland
  • Thomas Jerphagnon Firmenich SA CH-1283 La Plaine, Switzerland
  • Urban Jenelten Firmenich SA CH-1283 La Plaine, Switzerland




Ft-nir, Real-time process analysis


With ever-increasing pressure to optimize product quality, to reduce cost and to safely increase production output from existing assets, all combined with regular changes in terms of feedstock and operational targets, process monitoring with traditional instruments reaches its limits. One promising answer to these challenges is in-line, real time process analysis with spectroscopic instruments, and above all Fourier-Transform Near Infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR). Its potential to afford decreased batch cycle times, higher yields, reduced rework and minimized batch variance is presented and application examples in the field of fine chemicals are given. We demonstrate that FT-NIR can be an efficient tool for improved process monitoring and optimization, effective process design and advanced process control.




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D. Martoccia, H. Lutz, Y. Cohen, T. Jerphagnon, U. Jenelten, Chimia 2018, 72, 139, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2018.139.