Discovery of Eco-compatible Synthetic Paths by a Multi-catalysis Approach


  • Jean Rodriguez Aix-Marseille Univ., CNRS Centrale Marseille, iSm2 Marseille, France
  • Adrien Quintard Aix-Marseille Univ., CNRS Centrale Marseille, iSm2 Marseille, France;, Email:



Copper, Enantioselective synthesis, Eco-compatibility, Iron, Multi-catalysis, Organocatalysis


This article summarizes our recent developments in the discovery of multi-catalytic reactions. By efficiently taking the best from different worlds, the combination of several catalytic principles allows the invention of eco-compatible transformations rapidly assembling simple building blocks into elaborated enantioenriched molecules. This type of approach was successfully illustrated in the synthesis of cyclohexenones, keto-diols or in the direct functionalization of allylic alcohols by an enantioselective borrowing hydrogen. In addition, mechanistic understanding of the role of the different constituents enabled the fine-tuning of the catalytic systems considerably improving the efficiency notably in terms of enantiocontrol.




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