How Innosuisse is Supporting Entrepreneurs to Launch and Grow their Startup Business


  • Lukas Krienbuehl Co-Head of Communications, Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency, Einsteinstrasse, 2, CH-3003 Bern, Switzerland;, Email:



Life sciences, Research and development, Science-based innovation, Startups


Switzerland has a dynamic startup ecosystem, especially in the life sciences sector. For over a decade, the figures have shown growth in the number of startups being incorporated. Yet transforming an innovative idea or research results into strong products on the market and making a company grow is a challenging endeavour. Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency fosters the innovative power of startups, Swiss SMEs and other innovative organisations by providing support, therefore ensuring that they remain internationally competitive in the digital age. For science and technology-based startups, Innosuisse offers a number of targeted programmes.




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L. Krienbuehl, Chimia 2020, 74, 758, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2020.758.