Novel Time-of-Flight Residual Gas Analyzer (TOF-RGA) for in situ Real-time Process Monitoring


  • Sébastien Gasc Spacetek Technology AG, Brüggliweg 18, CH-3073 Gümligen
  • Lukas Hofer Spacetek Technology AG, Brüggliweg 18, CH-3073 Gümligen





Residual gas analysis, Time-of-flight mass spectrometry


Sensitive gas analyses, in particular in industrial processes, are nowadays performed either via spectroscopy or using quadrupole mass spectrometers; the first method provides a fast but indirect measurement, whereas the second provides in situ measurements of only one species at a time. In this article, we present a novel time-of-flight residual gas analyzer (TOF-RGA) built by the Swiss company Spacetek Technology AG, and show the results of measurements such as the characterization of the FC5311 calibration compound, the detection of naturally abundant noble gases in air, the measurement of a noble gas mixture in the ultra-high vacuum facilities of CERN, and measurements acquired in a X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy facility in Germany, to demonstrate the capability of this new TOF-RGA to compete with already existing techniques for the monitoring of the composition of gases in real time (10 times per second), at high resolution (m/?m = 1 200 measured at m/z 132), and with a high sensitivity at ppb level.