An Alternative Procedure for a Win-win African-Swiss Cooperation in Gold Production in Africa


  • Aliyar Mousavi Department of Biological and Health Sciences, Nashua Community College, 505 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063, U.S.A.





Agua regia, Gold, Mining, Refineries


The growth of Africa as a major gold (Au) exporter can not only strengthen economic ties with other parts of the world, but also lead to solutions to global industrial challenges, and the only way to stop gold smuggling out of gold-producing African countries seems to be having multiple refineries in Africa, for which developing gold-producing African countries might need technological assistance provided by a more developed country, especially Switzerland. In this Note, the chemistry of gold mining was discussed, and the idea is conveyed that if aqua regia is used as a main reagent in both gold mining and the electrolytic refinement of gold, then the two systems of gold mining and gold refining can be coupled industrially and geographically, and such a coupling can facilitate the growth of home-grown gold refineries in gold-producing African countries. It is also discussed that with Swiss companies finding it economical to properly use aqua regia in Africa as described, a win-win African-Swiss cooperation will be established that will benefit both the Swiss companies and gold-producing African countries. Further, it is concluded that the addressed cooperation will be accompanied by four of the seventeen goals called ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by the United Nations.