The Thermal Risk of Autocatalytic Decompositions: A Kinetic Study


  • Jean-Michel Dien
  • Hans Fierz
  • Francis Stoessel
  • Gérard Killé



A method is presented for the estimation of the 'time to maximum rate under adiabatic conditions' of autocatalytic decompositions and for their safety assessment. This method is based on the kinetics: a first-order reaction in competition with a Prout-Tompkins step was choosen. Isothermal or temperature-programmed Differential Scanning Calorimeter curves were used to obtain the kinetic parameters. The method requires the heat release rates at the start of the reaction and at its maximum. It is in agreement with previously published ones, but is more easy to apply and allows, therefore, to performe a quick assessment of the safety of a process. Results found for the adiabatic case were confirmed by Accelerating Rate Calorimeter experiments.




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J.-M. Dien, H. Fierz, F. Stoessel, G. Killé, Chimia 1994, 48, 542, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.1994.542.