Chlorsulfonylisocyanat: Beispiel der Herstellungspraxis einer hochreaktiven Substanz

Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate. An Example of Manufacturing a Highly Reactive Compound


  • Tomasz Cieslewski



The process for manufacture of chlorosulfonyl isocyanate was developed in the Wallis Plant of the Lonza AG in the early 1980s. This reaction involves the two gazeous starting materials SO3 and ClCN. In order to explain the particularities of the reaction as well as of the procedure, it is necessary to focus on physical properties, on the conception of a production plant and on the notion of consecutive reactions. The industrial routine in working with such highly reactive products and equally reactive, even dangerous starting materials is described. In addition to implementing the safty measures from the risk analysis and also from the product-risk profile, which has been developed just for this purpose, one also has to be particularly careful with transportation. High safty and quality standards can be guaranteed by using rather common techniques, as long as safety matters are taken very strictly.