Les sciences de la vie dans la HES-SO. La contribution de l'Ecole d'ingénieurs du Valais

The Life Sciences at the Swiss Occidental University of Applied Sciences. The Contribution of the Engineering School of Valais


  • Jacques Besse




Man at the end of this millennium looks for products that improve his health and his well-being. He thus expects science and research to offer him such improvements in the quality of life. The Engineering School of Valais has decided to take on this challenge by bringing into the fore the engineering and life sciences that are the core activities of its two departments, Chemistry and Food Technology & Biotechnology. Their complementarity and the pooling together of their human and material resources within a single Competence Group generate exceptionally large synergies both at the teaching and at the R&D level. As far as the latter is concerned, the strategy focuses on two main areas:
– the chemistry of natural substances and products;
– the authenticity, quality, and safety of foodstuffs.
Through this Competence Group, which comprises over 20 researchers who can count on the support of 15 technicians, the Engineering School of Valais becomes a full-blown partner for new challenges in the life sciences.