The Contribution of the Chemical Industry and the 'Chemiker FH' to the Swiss Economy


  • Christof Jud



Chemical engineer fh, Chemiker fh, Employment, Industrial chemistry, Swiss chemical industry, University of applied science (uas)


The Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry contributes about 5% to the gross domestic product of Switzerland. This is significantly above the levels seen in other European economies or in the USA. This industry employs about 68000 people in Switzerland and approximately 1350 'Chemiker FH', graduates of the Universities of Applied Science. About half of all employed 'Chemiker FH' graduates serve the industry in managerial positions while the other half play a vital role as technical or scientific specialists.The current evolution at universities throughout Europe towards Bachelor and Master degrees is an important process. 'Chemiker FH' graduates must be allowed equal opportunities in this respect while continuing to cultivate their competitive advantage to 'stay different' (gleichwertig aber andersartig). Well-educated and motivated staff will hereby continue to significantly contribute to a strong backbone of the chemical/pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland.