Pharmasquare (Pharma2)


  • Salome Lichtsteiner
  • Sven Rizzotti
  • Christina Weber
  • Alexander Vögtli
  • Helmar Burkhart
  • Reinhard Neier
  • Van Van Khov-Tran
  • Gerd Folkers
  • Beat Ernst



Blended learning approach, E-learning, Pharma2, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaskyou, Tetrodo, Virtual laboratory, Virtual learning environment


The project Pharmasquare (Pharma2) is based on the regular course 'Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Drug Effects on the Molecular Level' alternately presented in Zürich and Basel using the videoconferencing system Telepoly. The course is part of an open learning environment, which is currently complemented by distant learning facilities including a virtual learning environment. Pharma2 receives financial support from the Swiss Virtual Campus, the ETHZ, and matching funds by the Universities of Basel and Neuchâtel. In its final form, the virtual learning environment will offer web-based training modules, a virtual laboratory, the adaptive self-assessment system PharmAskYou, scripts of the Telepoly lectures including learning objectives, a glossary in pharmaceutical sciences, a news-platform, a discussion forum and the 'Question of the Week'.




How to Cite

S. Lichtsteiner, S. Rizzotti, C. Weber, A. Vögtli, H. Burkhart, R. Neier, V. V. Khov-Tran, G. Folkers, B. Ernst, Chimia 2003, 57, 116, DOI: 10.2533/000942903777679604.



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