new MBR Multiple Bioreactors and Sterile Plant AG: Experienced, Traditional Swiss-Quality, Custom-made, Innovative Bioreactor (Fermentation) Plants


  • Urs Berner
  • Willi Heller
  • Renato Brigatti



Bioreactors, Fermenters, Fomstopreg, New mbr multiple bioreactors and sterile plant ag


The facilities of the new MBR Multiple Bioreactors and Sterile Plant AG are a state of the art, high Swiss-quality biotechnology plant building in a 150 m2 engineering office at Zürich-Oerlikon, a 500 m2 stainless-steel workshop and a 100 m2 clean assembly room at the Technopark Zürich. The engineering is executed by skilled and experienced engineers on several CAD computer stations. The workers at the workshops are highly skilled craftsmen, who work according to the CAD plans (isometric piping drawings, etc.) to manufacture and assemble our state of the art, high Swiss-quality bioreactor plants. The shops are equipped with state of the art fabrication equipment and machines, such as Orbital welding machines, etc. to attain high Swiss-quality, and to guarantee this high quality we have all the necessary state of the art inspection equipment such as a Boroscope (internal pipe inspection from eye or photo-camera or video-camera), ferrite measurements, surface roughness measurement device, etc. Before leaving the workshop all equipment is subjected to a FAT (factory acceptance test) under supervision of the customers' inspectors, during which the equipment is tested with clean steam (clean steam generator, from purified water), clean water (from a purified water column), clean filtered air (air compressor) for all customer-specified functions.




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U. Berner, W. Heller, R. Brigatti, Chimia 2003, 57, 342, DOI: 10.2533/000942903777679244.



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