Technology Transfer at the University of Basel


  • Bruno H. Dalle Carbonare



Innovation transfer, Technology scouting, Technology transfer, University hospital of basel, University of applied sciences, University of basel


The University of Basel is Switzerland's oldest university. Since 1996 the University has enjoyed an 'autonomous status' and is governed by a 'University Council'. Thus, the five hundred years of old academic tradition demonstrated a pronounced willingness to change. With its seven faculties, the University of Basel covers all academic fields; however, two areas will be focussed on: life sciences and culture. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) of the University of Basel was created in 1997. In addition to the University of Basel, in Northwestern Switzerland the Universities of Applied Sciences Basel (FHBB), Aargau (FHA), and Solothurn (FHSO) as well as the University Hospitals of Basel (KBS) have also entirely or partially entrusted their technology transfer to the OTT of the University of Basel. Over the past years, the OTT extended its services beyond the conventional activities of technology transfer involving transfer of intellectual property, transfer negotiations and follow-up, as well as active scouting for exploitable know-how and research results. The successful record of the OTT is attributable to a number of success factors: greater participation by researchers in technology transfer, higher productivity as a result of the innovative public–private partnership (PPP) between a private company specialized in technology transfer and the University of Basel and favourable financial incentives for the inventors. The rapidly growing number of transactions shows the strategic significance of technology transfer and its various aspects for all stakeholders.




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