Effects to Improve the Quality of Life: Color, Performance and Protection from Ciba Specialty Chemicals


  • Werner Rutsch
  • Michael A. Cech




Colorants, Photolatent catalysts, Polymeric flocculants, Stabilizers, Uv protection


Ciba Specialty Chemicals creates effects to improve the quality of life. Building on its technical competencies, the company has developed major innovative product groups that provide color, performance and protection. Antioxidants and light stabilizers protect plastics, coatings, photographic pictures and wood from degradation induced by sunlight, air, ozone, heat, fire and mechanical stress. UV absorbers protect human skin from sunburn and photo-induced ageing. Pigments and dyes add beautiful colors to objects of everyday life, serve as recording media for optical information storage on digital versatile discs (DVDs) and are used as color filters in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Effect pigments allow creation of color and visual effects by interference. Polymeric flocculants are essential components for solid–liquid separation processes in wastewater treatment and paper production. Photolatent catalysts are key components for light-induced polymerization reactions. New sterically hindered N-alkoxyamines are initiators for nitroxide mediated radical polymerization (NMP) reactions leading to new pigment dispersants with well-defined molecular weights and narrow molecular weight distribution. New N-acyloxyamines are proposed as peroxide substitutes for controlled degradation of high molecular weight polypropylene. A new clarifier can be used to produce polypropylene with enhanced transparency and excellent mechanical properties. Progress in enabling sciences such as nanotechnology and biotechnology together with new technologies entering the markets will offer outstanding opportunities for new developments in specialty chemicals.




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