A Simple Method for High-Throughput Extract Prefractionation for Biological Screening


  • David R. Appleton
  • Antony D. Buss
  • Mark S. Butler MerLion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd, 1 Science Park Road, The Capricorn #05-01, Singapore Science Park II, Singapore 117528, Tel: +65 6829 5600, Fax: +65 6829 5601, Email: mark@merlionpharma.com




Automation, High-throughput screening, Natural product, Prefractionation


The screening of crude natural product extracts can be problematic, especially in enzyme/protein-based assays, due to promiscuous inhibitors and interference compounds, while high salt and lipid content can significantly dilute compounds of interest. Described herein is a simple method for high-throughput fractionation of crude extracts that can help address some of these issues. Results obtained indicate a significant improvement in assay hit rates without a reduction of hit quality and show how prefractionation aids the discovery of compounds that would be undetected by screening crude extracts alone.




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D. R. Appleton, A. D. Buss, M. S. Butler, Chimia 2007, 61, 327, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2007.327.