Neutron Activation Analysis: A Primary (Ratio) Method to Determine SI-Traceable Values of Element Content in Complex Samples


  • Peter Bode
  • Robert R. Greenberg
  • Elisabete A. De Nadai Fernandes



Metrology, Neutron activation analysis, Si traceability, Uncertainty


The metrological principles of neutron activation analysis are discussed. It has been demonstrated that this method can provide elemental amount of substance with values fully traceable to the SI. The method has been used by several laboratories worldwide in a number of CCQM key comparisons – interlaboratory comparison tests at the highest metrological level – supplying results equivalent to values from other methods for elemental or isotopic analysis in complex samples without the need to perform chemical destruction and dissolution of these samples. The CCQM accepted therefore in April 2007 the claim that neutron activation analysis should have the similar status as the methods originally listed by the CCQM as 'primary methods of measurement'. Analytical characteristics and scope of application are given.




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P. Bode, R. R. Greenberg, E. A. De Nadai Fernandes, Chimia 2009, 63, 678, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2009.678.



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