Towards the Ultimate Membranes: Two-dimensional Nanoporous Materials and Films


  • Kumar Varoon Agrawal École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (ISIC) EPFL Valais Wallis Rue de l'Industrie 17 Case Postale 440 CH-1950 Sion, Switzerland.



Membranes, Metal-organic frameworks, Nanoporous graphene, Two-dimensional materials, Zeolite nanosheets


The energy-efficient separation of molecules has been a popular topic in chemistry and chemical engineering as a consequence of the large energy-footprint of separation processes in the chemical industry. The Laboratory of Advanced Separations (LAS) at EPFL, led by Prof. Kumar Varoon Agrawal, is focused to develop next-generation, high-performance membranes that can improve the energy efficiency of hydrogen purification, carbon capture, hydrocarbon and water purification. For this, LAS is seeking to develop the ultimate nanoporous membranes, those with a thickness of 1 nm and possessing an array of size-selective nanopores. In this article, the research activities at LAS, especially in the bottom-up and top-down synthesis of chemically and thermally stable, nanoporous two-dimensional materials and membranes are discussed.