Sustainability as a Trigger for Innovation!


  • Fabrice Gallou Chemical and Analytical Development, Novartis Pharma AG Basel, Switzerland;, Email:



Catalysis, Micelles, Nano-particles, Surfactant, Sustainability


About a decade ago, prompted by regulatory pressure, we at Novartis entered the field of micellar catalysis. We were fortunate to discover some enabling techniques that rapidly allowed for application and deep impact of the technology within our development portfolio. In parallel, we endeavored to push the boundaries of science, building a powerful toolbox of chemistry, and gaining in the understanding of such systems. Of particular importance is the compartmentalization effect that needs to be well understood and mastered to access all the benefits of the technology. The following review article will illustrate our journey more specifically for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-couplings, with some detours that will further highlight the impact of the technology.




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F. Gallou, Chimia 2020, 74, 538, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2020.538.