Notch Inhibition in Cancer: Challenges and Opportunities


  • Doriano Fabbro
  • Michael Bauer
  • Maximilien Murone
  • Rajwinder Lehal Cellestia Biotech AG, Hochbergerstrasse 60C, 4057-Basel, Switzerland





Cb-103, Cancer, Notch, γ-secretase inhibitors


Notch is a key oncogenic pathway in several human cancers and to date, no targeted treatment of Notch activated cancers is available to patients. Therapeutic targeting of Notch has been an unresolved challenge due to severe on-target dose limiting toxicities associated with pan-Notch inhibition by either γ-secretase inhibitors or receptor/ligand targeting MAbs. At Cellestia Biotech, we have identified novel series of small molecule inhibitors of the Notch transcription complex. These molecules act as pan-Notch inhibitors and do not cause toxicities commonly associated with first- and second-generation Notch inhibitors currently tested in the clinic, thus providing a novel and unique opportunity to address a high unmet medical need. Our lead molecule, CB-103 is currently being investigated in Phase-1 dose escalation in cancer patients. Cellestia Biothech is further expanding its medicinal chemistry activities advancing the development of novel molecules for targeting transcription factors in cancer as well as non-cancer indications.




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D. Fabbro, M. Bauer, M. Murone, R. Lehal, Chimia 2020, 74, 779, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2020.779.