Bioproducts and Bioprocesses


  • Swiss Chemical Society


Biotechnology uses micro-organisms, higher cells or parts thereof (e.g. enzymes) in order to produce a great variety of useful substances which are hardly or not at all accessible by chemical methods. The objective of this one-day meeting is to review significant applications and technologies in this field.
The manufacture of important bioproducts will be summarized in the morning session (Chairman: Prof. Bailey). The production of microbial primary and secondary metabolites with biological activities and the production of therapeutic proteins by recombinant micro-organisms will be discussed as well as enzymecatalyzed reactions (biotransformations) leading to optically active fine chemicals.
The afternoon session is devoted to bioprocesses (Chairman: Prof, von Stockar). State-of-the-Art technologies leading to safe and efficient processes for the manufacture of valuable bioproducts will be presented. Cell culture technologies, metabolic activity control, protein folding methods and biosafety issues will be discussed.