Trace Determinations of Emerging Water Pollutants: Endocrine Disruptors, Pharmaceuticals, and Specialty Chemicals

Focal Point: Environmental Analytical Chemistry : ILMAC Congress: October 13, 1999


  • Marc J.F. Suter
  • Walter Giger


Analytical chemistry, Environmental pollution, Ilmac, Trace determination


Environmental analysis aims to identify and quantify contaminants found in trace quantities in various compartments of the environment. The objective of this one-day meeting was to review significant new developments and applications made in the aquatic environment including wastewaters, natural waters (rivers, lakes, ground water) and drinking water.
An important issue which has emerged over the last few years is the potential risk caused by endocrine-disrupting environmental chemicals. The challenge for the analytical chemist is to carry out real-world measurements to provide a reliable basis for exposure and risk assessment. The determination of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites was the focus of the morning session, chaired by Dr. Suter.
The afternoon session was then devoted to hydrophilic organic pollutants originating from the use of different specialty chemicals. State-of-the-art analytical techniques were discussed, with the emphasis on surfactants, surfactant metabolites, and concrete admixtures (Chairman: Prof. Giger). Abstracts by the authors are given below.






ILMAC 99: Retrospective/ILMAC Congress