Ecotoxicological Issues and their Influence on the Development of New Dyestuffs


  • Reinhard Pedrazzi
  • Jürgen Geiwiz
  • Manuel Golder
  • Roland Grimm



Azo dyes, Environment, Green chemistry, Regulations, Research


Up to the time of the First World War, synthetic dyes were manufactured mainly in Europe. Nowadays dyes are produced all over the world. About 50% of dyes are used in the textile industry. Some of the most urgent challenges now being faced by dyestuff manufacturers and users are those related to environmental and toxicological issues. Over the past years, tougher regulations, standards and laws have been enacted. These will exert legal pressure during the coming years, with the goal of removing critical products from the market and compelling the dye manufacturing industry to offer only ecotoxicologically sound products. The purpose of this paper is to point out certain consequences for research that might take place due to the regulations, and to describe recent developments towards overcoming this challenge, which has already led to considerable benefits for the environment.




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R. Pedrazzi, J. Geiwiz, M. Golder, R. Grimm, Chimia 2000, 54, 525, DOI: 10.2533/chimia.2000.525.



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