Transition Metal Catalysis on Olefins: Some Considerations Relative to Migratory Insertion


  • Giambattista Consiglio Department of Chemistry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Hönggerberg, CH-8093 Zürich



Carbonylation, Migratory insertion, Olefins, Polymerization, Transition metal catalysis


Olefin migratory insertion into a metal–hydrogen or a metal–carbon bond is an ubiquitous step in olefin coordination catalysis by transition metal complexes. When the catalytic system has element(s) of chirality, and when the two carbon atoms of the substrate are not symmetry-related, the nature of the reaction products will be determined by the capacity of the catalytic system for enantioface selection and by the direction of the insertion. Despite some progress having been made, good control of this important catalytic step is far from being realized. Considerations concerning this step are presented with particular reference to the work of the author in the field of hydrocarbonylation and olefin (co)polymerization reactions.